SawExpo Forum 2024 on the TUBE in Düsseldorf

last changed: 03.11.2023 10:14
Dear sawmill industry and supplier to the sawmill industry,

In April 2024, the TUBE in Düsseldorf will take place and with it the announced "SawExpo Forum for Separation and Machining Technology" in Hall 6 of the TUBE.

The people in charge at TUBE attach great importance to the cutting and machining technology industry and have therefore given us the space for our forum to underline their commitment.
The discussion forum from science and industry, which was planned for the first time in Friedrichshafen in 2023, will now take place in Düsseldorf.
All 5 days are planned as speaking days, with a focus on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. There are already many registrations from well-known companies (Trumpf, RSA and BLM Group as examples of the economy) for these days. Contributions of a scientific nature are already planned (Valentin Kaltenbach, the Fraunhofer IPA and the University of Stuttgart for science), so that 60% of these days are already occupied.

Speaking times are planned every 15 minutes. 1-3 bars at a time can be booked. You can request speaking time for each day.
Lectures and discussions can be held in German and English.

We are especially proud of Friday. A "High Potential Day" is planned for students and other young professionals.
Messe Düsseldorf is planning info points for the "Young Professionals" where supply and demand will flow together in order to make it easier for young people to find their way to their dream job.
To this end, we are in contact with universities, colleges, universities of applied sciences and chambers of commerce and crafts; Professors and heads of departments can even give lectures with us on Fridays; Students are admitted free of charge.

We therefore ask you to register a special programme of lectures for young professionals on Friday.
Monday is considered an alternative date. Here, too, a report has already been received, as the lecturer will be needed at the booth in the coming days.

It is obligatory for the economic side of the speakers to also be exhibitors. Here, the SawExpo Forum has created an arrangement with the organizer. If you are not, you can make use of a special regulation for the forum. Book a 3x3 meter information booth for your presentation in Hall 6.

If you are interested, please contact us at