We go other ways

last changed: 06.09.2022 11:15
As with so many little things, SawExpo 2023 is also treading other paths when it comes to tickets.
Free admission is usually not free. You pay by your name; with information.

Do you know that? You'll find a great, helpful app. After downloading, does the app need access to your contacts?
I'll delete something like that right away.

As the organizer of SawExpo 2023, we agreed a few days ago with Messe Friedrichshafen to simply unlock the doors. Everyone who wants to come in can do this. No registration; no data; no mail after the fair.

For our exhibitors, this means: invite your favorite customers! We will not and do not want to know who you invite. Promised!

And what does this mean for our visitors: forgetting money in the car? Mobile phone left behind? Just get it! No discussions on re-entry!

But that also means that you liked the fair? Then you have to be careful not to miss the next SawExpo. Or you can give us your business card if you want and of course come to a mailing list before the next trade fair.

And for the press: Dear colleagues, you do not need accreditation if you have no special wishes.

We look forward to seeing you. Exhibitors, visitors and press.