What great themes

last changed: 16.04.2024 19:17
Today was the first day of the SawExpo Forum 2024 as part of TUBE and I'm really excited. Why?
The idea for this forum developed from the development of recent years and decades, as I also described in the interview at the opening.
30 years ago, customer acquisition could only be imagined through trade fairs, then in the early 2000s came the Internet and everyone found new opportunities there. Today, the Internet is so crowded that it is no longer possible to distinguish "between good and evil". Then came Corona and again a new form of distribution. Online meetings with sales. Not really good, but better than nothing. When it was possible to meet again, small forums became fashionable. Invite a few customers; 5-20 maybe; perhaps a second supplier; and then present innovative topics.
I think this idea is really good, but it's "too short-sighted", because you can only invite someone you already know.

But these small themes, this personal character, connect with the breadth of an entire industry, presented to a new, unknown audience, fascinates me. And then there were the scientific demands. Great. "Business meets science" is the motto of SawExpo.
And if you liked it, the conversations continue on your own Stan around the corner.

The format has yet to establish itself. Trade fair and forum have to find each other, but the presentations on the first day were more than great.
I would like to express my sincere thanks to all the speakers today. They were very good and very professional. They are pioneers.