last free slots for SawExpo Forum at TUBE 2024

last changed: 11.03.2024 07:27
SawExpo GmbH, together with Messe Düsseldorf, is hosting the SawExpo Forum 2024 during TUBE 2024 in Hall 6. We are proud to note that we are almost fully booked.
- exhibits on the TUBE or WIRE
- deals with sawing technology and the alternatives to sawing (lasering, burning, shearing, parting, etc
- Is a manufacturer or distributor of process-related products (washing, drying, brushing, measuring, stacking, lubrication, cooling, MMKS, etc

He can now register with us for a short time for a free speaking time.
Information on free slots can be found in the PDF. Rednerliste Forum 2024 Stand 11 März 2024.

We would be happy to hear and read from you at
0049 2191 72599 or