the infobus at BLM and Adige in Unna

last changed: 23.08.2022 10:43
Last week I was for the first road trip with the SawExpo infomobile at BLM Group (Adige) in Unna.
Mr. Köster, Managing Director of BLM Group Germany, showed me the newly created rooms at the old place of work.
A very attractive building with bright offices and short distances. The offices themselves are tailored to the needs of the employees. A nice place to work. But new spaces for training and further education have also been created, where not only employees, but also customers can be trained.

Of course, we also talked for a long time about the concept of SawExpo. Mr. Köster is fully behind the idea of SawExpo; especially with regard to the extended focus on all cutting technologies. This offers the BLM Group the opportunity to present its complete spectrum and generates new visitor flows.

Unfortunately (for us) their own in-house exhibition in Italy takes place in the same period. "A mega event", as Mr. Köster assures us. All machines of the group will be able to be demonstrated there. This means that all forces and machines are bound and a large stand with us must fail. We will coordinate better in the future.

But hopefully it won't be without the BLM Group. Mr. Köster came up with a very good idea. "We could consider showing videos on a smaller stand and going live to Italy once or twice a day and taking part in demonstrations there.

I think this idea is very good. In this way, our visitors are also informed and at the same time part of the event in the factory. Personally, I find the green aspect brilliant. Set up machines in one place and point them in two places; just great.

We would like to welcome you with this concept at SawExpo 2023 in Friedrichshafen.